How long can I wait before I can walk on the carpets again?

For many people having their carpets cleaned creates anxiety because they need to be able to walk on them again soon. When we clean your carpets you will need to stay off them as much as possible for the first six hours.

Which is the best cleaning method to use?

Both wet and dry cleaning methods are very good to use. Keep in mind when we say dry cleaning there is some water involved in the process. Basically we will spray our product onto the carpet and then use padding to remove it. When we carpet clean in a local area, we always make sure no residue that can attract dirt and debris is ever left behind.

We like to be able to clean carpets with the use of steam. This involves a cleaner being placed in the carpet and then hot water is used to rinse all of it out. The temperature is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit so it is a very powerful method of cleaning . The rinsing water can be up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit . We like to use it because it cleans carpets efficiently . It is also a method that will be accepted under the terms of most carpet warranties.

Can you get all of the stains out of my carpet?

There are very few types of stains that could be in your carpet that we can’t completely remove. If we can’t take care of them, we can help you find he best solution. Some of them require a specialized type of treatment that is more intensified. If the stain has been there for a very long time or you have used various types of ineffective cleaners on it then it can be more difficult.

However, we are always up for a challenge and we won’t give up until we have exhausted all of our resources on them. With the expert training our technicians have they can take a look at it, identify the type of fiber material, and let you know what the realistic outcome may be.

Does Mega Clean provide service for floors?

Yes, along with professional carpet cleaning, we also take care of your floors which include wood, tile and grout and laminate.

What are the prices?

Being a small and family owned business we don’t have those high prices other companies have. Instead we believe that you as a client should receive a great service for a reasonable price.

Are there deals available?

Yes, and in fact if you mention us to your friends and we provide any service to them we will give you a nice discount on your next service.

Where does Mega Clean systems provide services in Michigan?

As of now, we provide services to West Michigan. Particularly the Grand Rapids Metropolitan area. To give you an idea, we have done extensive services in Grand Haven, Muskegon, Holland, Kalamazoo, Jenison, Downtown Grand Rapids, East Town, East Grand Rapids, Cascade, Caledonia, Wayland, etc. Just give us a call and we will let you know.

What other services does Mega Clean provide?

Along with carpet cleaning’s, we provide a wide-range of services such as customized janitorial work, building maintenance, tile and grout cleaning, stripping and waxing, outside and inside window cleaning, post-construction cleaning, water removal and others.

Have something on mind not mentioned here?

Give us a call and we will give you an estimate.

What about automobiles?

We also clean the upholstery and fabrics of all automobiles. We remove that gross look on your vehicle carpets and seats and give it a nice, fresh smell after.